Tuesday, 6 March 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 2

LFW - Day 2

The morning consisted of a variety of pretty mundane (but necessary) tasks. The most exciting of which was when I was sent to go and buy as much bottled water (models don't drink tap water, apparently) as I possibly could, with seven pounds all before the Dans la Vie show started. Essentially i had to go and buy as much bottled water that i could carry (10.5 litres - i nearly died) in ONLY 4 MINUTES! Sprinting in and out of various central london corner shops was quite an experience and i quickly realised seven pounds wasn't going to satisfy 12 thirsty models. I gave a passionate 'This is a fashion emergency' speech to a shop worker who didn't have a clue what i was going on about and promised to return later with the rest of the money that owed him... I didn't give a specific date or time, I'm sure when i turn up with the money next season he will be really enthused. 
I completed my challenge with approximately thirty seconds of spare time, which was just enough to sneak myself into the Dans La Vie show. This was my first ever real fashion show, and i'm sure this is a moment i will never forget! For so many years i had contemplated what it was like to be in a Fashion Week audience, wondering if I ever really would get my chance to feel the buzz. And here it was, despite being on my tippy toes the entire time, resulting in some pretty intense cramp, it genuinely did feel like the most exciting moment of my life, and I'm sure i looked as though i had a serious case of ants in my pants!

After ushering all of the actual invited audience out from the catwalk space, i darted up the stairs, full of energy to go and help with the Alice Lee show. I would say this turned out to be my most valuable fashion week experience. I helped designers Alice and Lee for most of the afternoon, taking on tasks such as de-fluffing all of the garments and nagging the Vauxhall Fashion Scout office several times for more food for the models. (Yes, surprisingly models do eat, and throughout fashion week i was happy to witness all of the models we used looked very healthy!) I got to talk to a lot of the models who were all happy to answer any of my questions and in return i was happy to help them, whether they needed water, food or even help getting to the loo. I helped Alice organise each of the outfits into order and was particularly honoured, that she was even asking me to give my humble opinions! Thankfully i didn't have to fib as i absolutely loved this collection! The mix of leather and knitwear was refreshing and the quality of garment construction was truly beautiful. I was then sent to find ten dressers, a task which is never hard as this is something every intern is dying to experience. I helped to dress model JJ who seemed to be pretty experienced as opposed to some of younger obviously anxious models... Probably due to the fact they actually couldn't really see past the fashion forwards hairstyles Tony and Guy had supplied them with!
The show was an instant success which continued to receive rave reviews throughout the week and i was pretty excited to have been a part of it!

Some of my backstage snaps!

The girls trying to see past their hair!

This is JJ, the model i helped to dress along with some tasteful fashion illustrations.

Here are some more looks from the Alice Lee show.