Saturday, 4 February 2012


Yesterday I discovered the wonders of WAH nails, and oh my god they have me so excited! (Mainly due to the fact i am going to london in two weeks means i can actually get myself a pair.) They have some amazing designs which are painstakingly hand painted on to natural nails and prices start from the very reasonable price of around twenty pounds! Now i am a terrible decision maker, so am going to have to start planning my design ahead. I'm feeling a black/gold theme may be on cards! (this theme also seems to be taking over my wardrobe.) Whether you want leopard print or lace, WAH can make you nail dreams come true!

Here are a few of their many designs which have me feeling particularly excited!

Check out these bad boys, taking inspiration straight from the catwalk!

Gareth Pugh.

Christoper Kane. 

Jil Sander.

You can get your own pair at the WAH shop in Dalston or at their concession in TOPSHOP Oxford Circus. 


  1. Aaaaah I love the Jil Sander ones! Please can we go when we're down there? x