Thursday, 2 February 2012

Trippin' Out.

On monday i am venturing to NYC (woohooo) and I decided to purchase myself to a film camera to document all the fun! I treat myself to a 1967, Olympus trip 35 and i have fallen in love! It has been specially refurbished and customised so it is just a little bit different to the many others out there.

David Bailey, (one of my favourite photographers) famously fronted the camera in its advertising campaign and around 10 million units have been sold (and some re-sold!), since 1967 up until 1984 when the model was discontinued.

As i have not developed any of my own photographs yet, here are some of my favourite images captured with the Olympus trip. I really love the fuzzy, vintage image the lens creates and can't wait to share what results i get myself!

'Used Cars', Handful of bees - flikr

hugo hugo hugo - flikr

'The Arabian Gulf', The Gentlemen Amateur - flikr.

'The Arabian Gulf', The Amateur Gentlemen - flikr

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