Monday, 27 February 2012

My London Fashion Week.

On the 17th february i started my first day interning at Vauxhall Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week, knowing only, that i was to arrive 10am sharp at the freemasons hall, that I was part of the backstage crew and that my uniform was to be all black. I must say it felt like i was diving into a pool when i didn't know how deep it was! The first day was rather unexciting as expected, the shows had not yet started and i wasn't really sure of what i had signed myself up for... I soon found out i had signed myself up for lots of running around.

Day 1
My first day commenced with a rather appreciated 2pm start; not wanting to be late (and knowing how likely it would be that i would end up on some accidental london underground adventure) I ended up arriving an hour early.
My first involvement with fashion scout, (besides having shown numerous visitors the way to the toilet) was the tedious task of having to go over the approximate 30 mitres of make-up stained fabric, the Krystof Strozyna show had left us as a sort of parting gift, with a small (very small) collection of baby wipes. This task took a good hour but once completed, i felt i had really contributed something to the fashion industry... (Not really, but I feel this task was a great success.)

My second challenge of the day was much more exciting as i was picked to dress the Womenswear show: Ones to watch. As I stood in the queue, waiting to have my models name shouted at me by a bossy redhead (whilst i acted as though i was some sort of power woman), i grew increasingly nervous as i realised i didn't have a clue what i was about to do. An outfit each from designers Anne Sofie Madsen, Myrza De Muynck and the adorable Nova Chiu were plonked on my arm as if they were merely Tesco carrier bags (HEAVY Tesco carrier bags, might i add) and i struggled through to the backstage catwalk area in search of a dressing space and my model Elena. The Heohwan Simulation collection also showed but thankfully this first look was already dressed and was something i didn't have to worry about.
I painstakingly prepared every piece ready to dress, being ever so careful not to damage anything in my usually destructive path. Once the show starts my stress/adrenaline/excitement/urge to cry levels rise to ridiculous amounts, but within ten minutes the whole experience is over and i find myself whooping and clapping, along with everyone else backstage, encompassed by what we had all just experienced. For a few minutes it felt as though we were all one big, proud family, that was until the bossy redhead reappeared and started shouting at us to all get out of the way.

Here is my lovely model Elena along with the looks i dressed.

Anne Sofie Madsen

Myrza De Muynck

Nova Chiu

My backstage snaps.

I should add i loved this experience and for a while decided model dressing alone would be my fashion career choice. I also became very excited for Menswear.

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