Friday, 27 January 2012

Dum Dum Girls vs The New Fetish

Tapping my feet to the sound of Indie-Pop band The Dum Dum Girls playing live at the Cluny, I find myself staring at them in awe; the foursome are all uniquely attractive and are the type of women in which any man would gain an instant ego boost, if he were to have a Dum Dum hanging off his arm.
I notice drummer Sandy and Lead singer Dee Dee are particularly model-esque, both standing tall with dark long locks. Magisterial hairstyles being a major factor throughout the Dum Dum look; bassist ‘Bambi’ sports thick, lengthy ginger waves whilst guitarist Jules wears an elongated Mary Quant cut.
The audience is surprisingly varied and there are plenty of middle-aged men who, no doubt, were enjoying the sights just as much as the sounds.
Although I thoroughly enjoyed their set I found myself engaging in their style more than their music. The Dum Dum Girls, whose fashion, obviously embodying the fetish trend, represented a dominating, dominatrix theme. All dressed in black, with an extensive hosiery collection; fishnet, striped and checked tights all make an appearance on stage. Leather and lace are also prominent to their fashion ethos. Jules and Bambi cavort around the stage in two bondage inspired creations; over plain black dresses, a series of buckles and several leather straps come together to create a thought provoking waist piece. The provocative accessory is worn differently by each Dum Dum, with guitarist Jules wearing buckles to the front and bassist Bambi wearing buckles to the back, both equally fashion forward. 
Songstress Dee Dee captivates the audience with her dark eyes/dark hair/red lips combination, along with the help of a tight silk shirt fastened to the front in a corset style manner, which reveals only enough to let the imagination of the audience run wild.  With puff-ball shoulders and lace sleeves the shirt is reminiscent of the eighties fetish trend, only missing a few chains swinging to and fro.
It’s challenging to catch a glimpse of the bands footwear through the buzz of the crowd, but I spot four sets of black boot. Dee Dee sports a crocodile print Chelsea, whilst drummer Sandy wears more of a Dr Martin style replica. Later on a trip to the ladies room I eye up Jules who coincidentally wears the exact same black leather boot as me, only in patent form. The leather-clad foursome own the stage in a similar way to how the fetish trend has owned the catwalk for over three decades.
Liberating, captivating, domineering and inspiring, these women are doing both the music and fashion scene proud.

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